immunalcare story A Story Love and Hope immunalcare is an all natural immune support herbal drink made with the ingredients of love! immunalcare is a New All Natural (Non- caffeine) Energy Drink made up of a unique blend of 31 organic fruits and vegetables, natural apple, raspberry and lemon flavoring, natural herbs, minerals and oils with a delicious smooth taste. This Herbal Energy Drink may also help to give your immune system a boost naturally! Created to help improve my wife's health, strength, energy and immune system naturally after chemotherapy treatments. I am just an average person looking for answers to my wife’s condition. When your love ones are suffering, you become desperate to find answers and solutions. During the chemotherapy treatments, she felt so exhausted, tired, sleepy, and sick to her stomach with nausea and loss of appetite to eat food. She needed nutrition to keep up her strength and needed a way to intake nutrition like fruits and vegetables so I found ingredients to help these needs. Drinking a salad with fruit was easier than eating 1.5 bowls of salad. This all natural herbal drink is what we call immunalcare. She started drinking immunalcare once a day and we found, to our amazement, her sleepy, exhausted tiredness went from 2 weeks to about 2 days, she felt better, more like herself and had an appetite for food! She said her body was craving this herbal drink and her skin color was rosy not grey. I told her we needed to share this herbal drink with others so they to can feel better. (Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease) We continue to drink immunalcare each day and feel so much better and I know others will to! Please give and help us bring this drink to the market place. It helped to improve my wife’s nutrition and I believe it may help others as well so please give today. Thank you Testimonies: Teresa wrote: I have had female health issue all my life and after taking this drink for a few weeks, I feel amazing and my symptoms which I had for years are fading away! I haven’t felt this great in years! Patrick age 70 old wrote: These ingredients are amazing! I feel more energy, less pain and I am sleeping better too. Great choice of ingredients!